Business backs `Suspended Coffee Fund' to help others

2nd October 2017

An initiative to raise money to give drinks or light snacks to people who need them has raised almost £200 in just three months thanks to customers, students and businesses donating their loose change to the cause.

The Hot Chocolate Lounge training café in Denaby is believed to be the first in Doncaster to join the Suspended Coffee movement – an international initiative that enables customers who buy a coffee to pay for a second one in advance for someone who can’t afford it or who the donor wants to benefit. The movement began in Italy several years ago and is gradually being adopted by UK coffee chains as well as independent cafés.

Staff at The Hot Chocolate Lounge have been drumming up support during community events, securing sponsorship and encouraging local schools and businesses to make small contributions from their own activities and fundraisers.

Among the donors so far are the De Warenne Academy in Conisbrough and Co-op Food Swinton along with café customers who regularly donate their small change.

The Hot Chocolate Lounge supervisor, Libby Carl, said: “We’ve had a great response so far with people happily giving us their small change or being willing to promote Suspended Coffees at their own events. It’s also about giving people the opportunity to socialise and make friends which is just as important for people’s wellbeing  so every penny counts,” added Libby.

The first local recipients to benefit were a group of young parents from the Denaby and Conisbrough Family Hub who enjoyed a Belgian hot chocolate or freshly ground coffee along with the chance to mix with people in similar circumstances.

The business, which is run by Doncaster West Development Trust and funded by the Big Lottery, also provides opportunities for training, volunteering and social activities.

Anyone interested in supporting Suspended Coffee through The Hot Chocolate Lounge can drop in or contact the café on 01709 296790. To find out more, visit or