Support Scheme Gets Results

4th July 2012

Support workers Rob Keane and Andrea Powell are helping people to overcome drug and drink problems.

Support workers Rob Keane and Andrea Powell are helping people to overcome drug and drink problems.

Money to continue a scheme that helps people overcome drug and alcohol problems has been confirmed by a funding provider impressed with its results.

More than 100 people are currently being supported through the Moving On project run by Doncaster West Development Trust (DWDT) and the service is now secure until next March thanks to funding from the Doncaster Drug Strategy Unit (DSU).

Earlier this year DSU also financed an additional part-time post for the borough-wide programme. The role has now been made full time to meet rising demand with funding from Doncaster’s Garage Community Drugs team.

Support workers Rob Keane and Andrea Powell have helped numerous people tackle substance dependency, find volunteer posts and enrol on training courses, paving the way towards improving their well-being and job prospects. They have also beaten targets for helping clients to find employment.

Rob said: “It’s fantastic to be working with DSU which is very supportive and completely understands the need for this service and the difference it makes.

“Getting people into jobs and training is a very important part of what we do but encouraging self-esteem, motivation and a sense of purpose in life are just as worthwhile and can often be the start of better things,” he added.

Like other DWDT services, Moving On focuses on one-to-one support tailored entirely to individual needs. It also operates on an outreach basis to give people every chance of accessing the practical help available.

Trust chief executive Marisa Graziano said addictions of any kind often stemmed from a general sense of loneliness and that forging positive relationships combined with practical support was the best way to make a difference.

“No matter how `client friendly’ some services think they are, sitting people in a sterile room for an allocated time period just isn’t the same thing, she commented. “Building up genuine relationships and properly committing to seeing the issues through long-term is the only effective approach. That belief is at the heart of Moving On and everything else we do.”

Activities such as walking or bike-riding have also proved beneficial to clients who, even while abstaining from drink and drugs, may rarely socialise or leave their homes putting them at risk of isolation and relapse. As part of the funding arrangement, a small budget is available for activities but resources are limited. If anyone can provide low cost minibus transport for occasional excursions, please get in touch with DWDT on 01709 866466 or email