Quality support for cancer survivors

24th June 2015

DWDT has joined Macmillan Cancer Support’s Survivor Friendly network to ensure that people affected by the disease can easily find the services they need.

The charity and its local partners, including Meeting New Horizons, have established Doncaster’s Living Well service to help people with issues such as benefit assessments, applying for grants and allowances and identifying other useful community groups and services.

Survivor Friendly organisations achieve the status only after receiving training from Macmillan and nominating someone to take the lead in welcoming anyone affected by cancer including their families and carers. They also receive ongoing support and are encouraged to share their experiences of best practice with local groups and businesses to raise cancer awareness in their communities.

Marisa Graziano, chief executive of Conisbrough-based DWDT, said it was vital to ensure that people knew exactly what support was available and could rely on the quality of services.

“Cancer can strike anyone at any time and, as well as the health implications, it throws people’s personal circumstances into turmoil. It’s so important that those experiencing the trauma of diagnosis or treatment don’t face the added burden of not knowing where to turn for relevant information and advice,” she commented.

“Like all the Survivor Friendly organisations, DWDT is committed to making sure that people don’t have to cope alone with practical worries that they weren’t expecting to face,” added Marisa.

DWDT offers wide-ranging advice and guidance free of charge and supports people to deal with debt and money worries, substance misuse and concerns over benefits, employment and housing. It can also help people with job-seeking and training.

To find out more, please visit www.dwdt.org.uk, telephone 01709 866466 or email info@dwdt.org.uk