Debt advice staff need more meeting places

2nd March 2015

MONEY advice workers who have helped hundreds of people to deal effectively with debt are appealing for the free use of meeting rooms for their growing number of clients.

The Money Matters team at Doncaster-based DWDT support people with financial difficulties and regularly meet individuals at community buildings to discuss their concerns in private. More people are now seeking advice but fewer venues are available.

Businesses, community centres, church halls, schools or other organisations could help if they have a small room with seating, available for up to two hours during any weekday.

All DWDT projects are free to Doncaster residents and operate on an outreach basis which means that staff travel to see people as close to their homes as possible to make sure services are accessible. They currently use libraries, children’s centres and similar premises but some of these are no longer open every day and sometimes charge.

Private meeting places are particularly needed in Balby, Rossington, Highfields, Cantley and Intake although offers of accommodation elsewhere in the borough are welcome.

Advisor Sharon Smith explained: “We’re able to respond very quickly to residents’ concerns and arrange meetings before financial problems escalate. Having additional premises available will ensure that people won’t have to wait for support which is vital to improving their financial circumstances.”

Money Matters staff also attend dozens of Doncaster groups to advise people about issues including spending, saving and budgeting, low-cost credit, debt and benefits. Any group interested in hosting a money advice session can get in touch for details.

Organisations able to provide a meeting room suitable for one-to-one discussions can contact DWDT on 01709 866466 or email: