Support Scheme Gets New Dimension

22nd January 2013

Anyone keen to overcome drug and alcohol problems can now get money advice to boost their chances of success as part of a scheme that helps people change their lives.

The Moving On project, which provides long-term, one-to-one support for those affected by substance misuse, has been extended to tackle issues that often hinder progress.

After exceeding targets for getting clients into jobs and training, Doncaster West Development Trust (DWDT), which runs the project, has recently appointed a third support worker to add a new dimension.

A former prison resettlement advisor, Adele Clark is now offering specialist advice in areas including debt, housing and benefit advice, so clients don’t suffer setbacks by struggling with bills and payments.            

According to DWDT, managing money can be a major stumbling block for people committed to turning their backs on drink and drugs. If financial problems mount up, their motivation can evaporate leaving them at risk of relapse and isolation.

“With the current changes to the welfare system and people worried about losing benefits, it’s even more important now that our clients don’t give up the hope of moving on,” explained Adele.

“Offering this extra support within the existing project means they don’t have to be involved with several key workers. They can deal with one person who knows them and what they want to achieve which makes a huge difference to the outcome,” she commented.

Along with her colleagues Rob Keane and Andrea Powell, Adele is available on an outreach basis to provide support where needed. Any Doncaster resident who wants backing to give up drugs or alcohol, would like to learn new skills or get advice about entitlements and job opportunities, can use the free and confidential service.

“It’s all about removing one barrier at a time, taking a long-term approach and having commitment on both sides to find solutions,” added Adele, who lives in Askern.

Moving On is funded by the Doncaster Drug Strategy Unit until the end of March 2013 and DWDT hopes it will continue in future to help more people turn their lives around.

DWDT chief executive Marisa Graziano said more than 20 people within the project had already taken up the offer of money advice. “There is clearly a considerable need for this new element and we are delighted to have the opportunity to provide increased support for people using our service,” she added.

For more information or to speak to a support worker, visit DWDT at The Terrace in Conisbrough, telephone 01709 866466 or email