Funders & Partners

DWDT seeks funding in order to offer ongoing services free of charge and to develop new projects to address areas of need and support Doncaster communities.  We are grateful to our past and present funders for their valued support which has enabled us to help so many Doncaster people to overcome barriers and make progress.

Our current funders include:

Big Lottery FundEuropean Social Fund

We also work with a number of partners and agencies on a formal basis to deliver certain services or sometimes more informally to ensure we offer a comprehensive service to Doncaster residents.  We can often add value to the projects we run by linking up with others to share resources or to promote each other’s work. 

Having a strong partnership network also provides opportunities for working together to achieve the most positive outcome for our clients. For example, DWDT might deliver debt counselling for a client and also refer them elsewhere for benefits advice if needed or to a training provider if they feel ready to look for work when their finances are more manageable.

Our partners include: